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Join us at the Values 20 Summit on 15 October 2021, in Rome and online.
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V20 Overview

Who we are
A global community of values experts and practitioners that seeks to actively engage with the Group of Twenty (G20).

Our Vision
We want to add depth to the understanding of values in public policy with the goal of providing the G20 with evidence-based, human-centered policy solutions that contribute to overcoming global challenges.

V20 - 2021
Our global community will work through 2021 to produce high-impact policies and recommendations that will be presented to the G20 Heads of State under the Italian Presidency for their consideration and activation.

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Task Forces


Integrity addresses how consistently we deal with our own values in various contexts.


Solidarity focuses on how we create, develop and maintain unity between individuals, groups, or societies.


Sharing deals with the joint use of tangible and non-tangible resources.

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